DataCTRL is a collection of software tools created to support the Survey Lifecycle of large international studies.

From questionnaire design and implementation to face-to-face or Self-completion fieldwork tooling, data extraction and data dissemination, DataCTRL tools have proven their worth in many European surveys.

DataCTRL is developed and maintained by Centerdata, an independent non-profit research institute, located on the campus of Tilburg University (TiU) in the Netherlands.

Answering research questions in the area of people and society has been Centerdata's mission since 1996.

We collect, analyse and disseminate reliable data for the academic community, government and private sector to support and contribute to scientific, social and policy-relevant research. We also develop models and draw up forecasts for a better future.

We are also deeply involved with a number of European surveys and it is from this experience that DataCTRL evolved.

In short, DataCTRL brings together Centerdata's extensive research experience and knowledge on software and systems development. Software tools, specifically developed with survey research in mind.

Surveys using our tooling

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ESRA 2023 challenges

During the ESRA 2023, we outlined a number of challenges that participants in the survey lifecycle face.

Find out more about how DataCTRL can help you overcome these challenges!